Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loving right now~

I want this to be my car...

and then I could do this....

a new favorite...

99% caffeine free
0 trans fat 
No hydrogenated oils
Really yummy!!

and, my kids are CRAZY for these pickles
not sure if they are everywhere, but  they are so good....
so good, in fact,  that after they have eaten all the pickles, we save the juice,  I peel a cucumber, slice it up and add it to the jar!  We do that 2x before we throw out the juice!!

and....a fresh pack of my FAVORITE pencils
makes me happy!

What are you loving right now??


  1. That was our car many for many years while we lived in CA. My mom said we looked like a Norman Rockwell painting with us and our dog driving down the road. We did love that car! What a great idea of re-using the juice for pickles. Where do you find Dave's?

  2. dawn! from the thumbnail, i thought that was you behind that grand wagoneer. i want that car, too! ♥

  3. oh dawn..I've been wanting a wagoneer forever! there are a lot of them out here..beach cars. I love them! :)

  4. Great idea to put cucumbers in the pickle jar juice!
    I have a friend who has one of those jeeps.
    Hers is unfortunately always breaking down!
    I'm loving oolong tea right now.
    Less caffeine but still does the trick!

  5. Oh my other obsession---watching Downton Abbey!

  6. Catie.. :)
    Pam...I can picture you in a wagoneer too!!

    Em...breakdowns, oh the joys of old cars :) I have never tried oolong, which brand do you like?? AND I LOVE Downton Abbey...I forgot to add that!!!

  7. Right now I am loving fig newtons!! The Walmart brand. Don't ask me why, just a crave and theirs are the best!!!

    My mom still drives her 1995 station wagon! :)

  8. Love the car!! Right now I'm still loving those addictive pumpkin spice almonds - yep. Still working my way through a can.

  9. Dawn Marie, there is a company in Kerrville, TX (20 miles from Comfort) that renovates/rebuilds these...they have about 15 now for sale...usually go to Middle East. We drive by 3-4 times a month and comment how cool they look!! Let me know when you are ready to order one & I'll drive it up to you!!

    Love Ye Ye.

  10. I'll arm wrestle you for that car!
    I may need a new package of those pencils...still have my "original" a la Tracy! :)
    Hhhhmmm.....I'm loving:
    1. Roasted broccoli (Ina Gaarten's recipe)
    2. Iced coffee - now w/Stevia instead of the nasty fake sugar.
    3. Downton Abbey-Season 1 downloaded from iTunes.
    4. Pinterest
    5. Kale in my protein shakes
    6. YOUR blog!