Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Game change...Name change!

I have been doing some thinking these first few days of 2012, and one of the BIG words that keeps popping into my head is "simplify".
I know that this will pertain to many areas in my life, but one area I know for sure that needs simplifying is my "blog life"

I created "Our Little China Girl" in 2007 when bringing home our daughter from China was a dream
I changed the name to "...and Lucy makes 6" when our dream became a reality

I wanted this blog to be about our family, so I created a place where I could share things that I loved to do or that inspired me...that place was "Ciao Bella!"

I have since come to the realization that the things I love, besides my family, (cooking, photography, books, beauty, fashion) ARE about my family and they are about ME

So..I consolidated both blogs and this is the ONLY place you will find me from now on :)
I decided to keep the name Ciao Bella ...because well....who doesn't want to see "Hello Beautiful!" every time they visit??

It might be a bit of a "mess" here for awhile as I play around with a new header and get things transferred over, but in the end this will be 
Home Sweet Home~



  1. I completely agree! Less is more!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  2. Yay!! Love reading both when I have a chance!!

  3. Makes it easier for me since my New Year's resolution was to read my favorite blogs more ;)

  4. Can't wait to see more in 2012!

  5. Great idea! Love it!! Miss our Wednesday on-line photo classes, don't you! I need to get some practice!


  6. Love it! I have followed both blogs and love the fact you've put both together.