Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Craft

Lucy and I hopped on the mason jar snow globe bandwagon :) this holiday, and made a few little gifts.

Anthropologie had some for sale Image Detail

and my friend Catie made some too!

We gathered up our jars and fun little trinkets for the inside, and did they ever turn out c.u.t.e.

We "jazzed" ours up a little with some fun twine and little tags~
I think my favorite jars are the Bonne Maman french jam jars...I love their
 red and white checked lids


  1. That is cute and I love the snowflakes instead of water!

  2. i agree, i prefer just air & glittery snow.
    your snow globes are really cute!
    your lucy is even cuter!!

  3. I love your sweet tags on them too!

  4. Look really cute! Fun!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  5. love them...Lucy looks like a pro!
    So darling!

  6. Those are just too cute and what a great idea.