Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Weekending~

Happy New Year!

Saturday Lucy and I were gifted with tickets to Cinderella at the 5th Avenue theatre...we were SO excited!

(Sadly, these were the only two pictures I took...but it was just too crowded to try and get any more)

It happened to be that the FCC (Families with Children from China) were at the theatre that day, so there were so many darling Chinese girls with their families.  
We loved the show, and I can officially say I have a theatre buddy :)

We had a quiet New Year's Eve at home, Toby, Bennett, Lucy and I...Powell and Blake spent the night with friends.
New Year's Day we went bowling as a family...Powell has been bowling LOTS at college and Lucy has only been one other time and LOVES it!!

Toby gets things started

It takes awhile for Lucy's ball to get down to the pins :)...but she patiently waits

Powell is SO smooth when he cannot even hear the ball hit the lane...we could tell he has been bowling alot :)


Blake is our "Randy Johnson" of bowling...he shot his ball down the lane at 22mph...we kept reminding him he wasn't pitching a baseball!!

Bennett is still getting comfortable in his pose...he informed us we have only taken him bowling ONE other time!! LOL!

I LOVE bowling shoes!!

 Powell and Toby were not happy with their scores...they usually bowl better than this...Lucy on the other hand was thrilled with her 71!!

We ended our night with hombows...our favorite!!

We are looking forward to 2012!!


  1. What a fun start to the New Year!! Gotta love those stylish bowling shoes.

  2. How fun that you and Lucy got to go to the theatre together. And bowling...that is a lot of family fun! Happy New Year Dawn!!!