Monday, February 6, 2012

Charming Valentine Ideas~

Looking for some ideas to wrap up store bought candy?
I have always loved the cheap chocolate heart boxes, and my hubby still buys me one every year!  They are so nostalgic~
In this video Tracy Porter did a few years ago she glued decorative paper onto the top of the candy box and tied it with ribbon...I have made several of these and used scrapbook paper and wrapping cute!

...and another fun way to wrap up loose candies
Don't you just love those paper heart doilies...I buy stashes at the $ store...they're my favorite!

If you visit Tracy's blog, today she has shared a SWEET Valentine printables to send to your Darlings!

I found these other ideas on Pinterest

I always love candy bars wrapped in decorative paper...Trader Joe's has the perfect sized candy bars just for this!

Obviously, I think Valentine's Day is a MAJOR holiday :)  I just love it!


  1. Cute ideas, Dawn!! And I've been a lucky recipient of one of your valentine candy boxes - it remains in my arsenal of favorite Valentine treasures. xoxo

  2. Your ideas are darling! I especially love the idea of wrapping the candy bars in decorative paper! xoxo