Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To e-read or not...that is the question!

I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday

I really didn't know if I was an "e-reader" type...but I am hooked...I love it!

I have a Kindle Touch...as much as I love the Kindle Fire, I knew I just could not read with a back-lit screen.  The e-ink is much easier on my eyes AND I can read in the sun.  
That being said, I really can't get magazines on my Touch because who wants to look at a black and white magazine?  

I have a lovely fleur di lis case, but I would love to have a fun case for spring/summer.  
The case really makes it feel like you are holding a book

I am CRAZY for this Kate Spade cover!
My Kindle really wants this!

I thought I would peek and see if there were any covers listed on Etsy...oh my
I had no idea there were so many...here a few I found!

I love this...it is a "real" book!

another "real" book with the pages removed

This seller had some really fun fabrics!


So, if you have an e-reader...do you have a fun case??


  1. I love my Nook Color...and I have a pink leather case, but I would much rather one of these!! They are awesome - going to check out etsy now :)

  2. The holders on etsy are so awesome!

  3. I have the MOST boring brown case for my nook. When Dave bought me the color nook it was the day it came out so there were no cute cases for it yet. I might have to look for a new one. I do love my nook and I never thought I would chose it over a real book.

  4. These are really cute. I have an orange leather case that my daughter gave me for Christmas and I love it, especially because she picked it out! I'm hooked on my Kindle too. I would buy a "real" book if it were something I wanted to keep forever, but for fun reads I use the Kindle.

  5. i was gifted with kindle fire for my bday and love it.Can do all my blog , fb and movies, etc Downton abbey season 1 on it! Haven't read any books yet. Found a case at TJ Maxx yesterday for 12.99 that is more substantial than the plain ole black one i have, greta when i take it out and about. Am gonna ck out the etsy ones fo sho :)

  6. I bought myself the Kindle Fire for Christmas. I didn't even know they had such cute cases. I just got the leather black one that zips. I LOVE the Kindle Fire!! Thanks for showing us the available choices at Etsy. I might have to check them out.