Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday~

Easter Sunday was fabulous!  
Here in Seattle it was the nicest Easter in 8 years!!  That meant 70 degrees, and egg hunts outside instead of indoors!!

We missed not having Powell home :( but he has a full week ahead of him, and I will get to see him this weekend when I head over to WSU for Mom's weekend...I am so excited!

Grammy and Papa have the perfect yard for an egg hunt...some of us however, thought we were in Hollywood with our sunglasses and pedicures :)

It was a very special and blessed Easter~

P.S Here is Lucy with her Easter basket :)  The boys got baskets too :)

(she got a basket full of goodies, a new four square ball, and those little drawers are to organize her "make up"!!


  1. this looks like fun! lucy is one lucky girl.
    and i think i spy makenna riley!
    is that your mom's backyard??? gorgeous!

  2. Hi Catie..YES Makenna Riley was in town!! and that is my Mom's backyard, can you just picture the Little Red Riding Hood Party here??? :)

  3. what a beautiful day!! and that Lucy!! the easter bunny was good to her! xo

  4. Such a beautiful yard, but the family is what makes it even more beautiful!

  5. Looks like such a beautiful day with your sweet family! Your sons are growing up so fast and Miss Lucy -- love that toothless smile!