Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Again & the beginning of Easter Weekend!! guess I was taking a little blog break :)  I hadn't intended to, it just sort of happened.
Oh well, I am happy to be back!

We had a super fun Easter weekend, with LOTS of extended family in town!

We kicked off Friday night by coloring 4 dozen Easter eggs, no matter how many you do there NEVER seems to be is one of my favorite things!

Lucy was EXTRA happy because her cousin was in town for the weekend...I LOVE that these two can pick up right where they left off!

During my "blog break" Lucy finally lost one of her top teeth!!  It had been loose forever :)

We always make Uncle Frank color eggs with us when he is in town!

ok...Easter Sunday up next :)


  1. OH LUCY LUCY Lost her toothie!!

    I love and miss you!!

    Love Pops (YE YE)