Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Video from Lucy!

Lucy has not made a new video in awhile
We were recently asked to do a video for someone special :) (more on that soon!)...and that inspired Lucy to get busy!

So...this video is
Lucy's LUSH Haul!
She loves watching haul videos on YouTube, and has been wanting to go to LUSH for the longest time!
Well, she finally got there, and knew exactly what she wanted, and here she shares it with all of you!


  1. we watched this twice!!
    lucy, i love the way you show us everything.
    that giant bar is amazing & you are very smart to cut it into 9 pieces. soon you'll be dividing the price by 9 to calculate the "cost per use"!
    i am thinking that this could very well be the only lush haul done by a gorgeous girl missing her TWO FRONT TEETH! aDORable. please keep these coming! ♥

    1. Thanks Catie!! Yes, Lucy shows you everything 3x!!! :) Crazy how those teeth just keep falling out!!

  2. I just LOVE Lucy's video's :) Another favorite of mine was her "What's in my purse" video :) What a natural...Keep it up, Lucy!!

  3. OMW. I have had NO idea what LUSH is/was (though I'm guessing it's a store that sells bath supplies), but Lucy is wonderful as a little spokesmodel. Darn it, those missing teeth are mesmerising!

    Darling, adorable and extremely awesome. Good job, Lucy!!!

  4. Could she get any cuter? She is a natural!

  5. Lush should love LUCY...we sure do!!!! xoxo

  6. What a great spokegal for Lush! Emily and I watched the video and Lucy sold my 3 yr old on Lush and bath bombs....maybe a trip in my future!
    Love that!

  7. I feel like I have found another Shirley Temple! Lucy is so much fun...and I LOVE her informational videos! Lush must love Lucy too! She did great!

  8. Lucy, Your video is absolutely the best I have ever seen!! You are wonderful! I am certain there are lights and cameras galore in your future. Keep making videos!!

  9. Oh, Lucy. I want to go LUSH shopping with YOU! You are absolutely wonderful on the video. Do not stop. What a blessing you are....xoxo "Auntie Vava"