Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WSU Mom's Weekend 2012

Mom's Weekend with Powell was so much fun!
I rode over on Friday with my friend Candy, and met up with Powell after his last class.
He showed me around his fraternity ( I hadn't been there since the day I dropped him off), we walked around campus, had dinner with friends, and then we stopped for coffee in a fun place with a live band right on campus.

I loved being on campus.  I never experienced college life, and I am always encouraging Powell to enjoy this time in his life.

Saturday the boys at the fraternity cooked a delicious breakfast for their Mom's, we visited the craft fair, watched a little girls soccer and spring football practice.  
In the afternoon there was a basket auction back at the house which was alot of fun...we took a hike with Erin and Brendan :) and then BBQ'd with friends!

The boys sang a sweet song and presented each Mom with a flower

Sunday another breakfast at the house, and then time to say Good-bye to my boy...but only for 2 weeks, as he is DONE with his first year May 4th!  How can that be??  I vividly remember all the tears the day I dropped him off :)

I love you Powell...you make this Mama very proud!!


  1. So glad you were able to go. I know it was fun. College years fly by! Encourage him to enjoy every minute. Real world is right around the bend.

  2. this is so sweet, all of them with flowers.
    i can't believe he's wrapping up his first year!
    next year will be easier on you now that you know how the time will fly.
    {congratulations, powell!!!} ♥

  3. So sweet!! Hard to believe that the school year has zipped by so fast!!

  4. What a wonderful weekend. I love seeing boys love their mamas!
    Congrats to finishing your first year Powell!