Saturday, June 30, 2012

♥Happy Birthday Jeff♥

Today would have been my brother Jeff's 42nd Birthday
I wonder what he would have thought of that :)
I wonder what kind of Dad he would have been to my Niece...strict, a push-over, a little of both?
I know he would have had a blast with his teenage Nephews :)

So, once more we celebrate a birthday without him here, but we KNOW he is always with us!

Not more than 10 min after we sent our birthday balloons up, did EVERY cloud in the sky disappear and the sun came out :)...we know Jeff got our wishes!

Since my Niece and Sister-in-law were in town this year, my Mom made the cake and Makenna Riley decorated it for her Dad ♥

(yep, she's her Daddy's girl :)

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!
We love you and miss you


  1. I'm choked up, really........I love that your family continues to celebrate Jeff's life, and not his death.

    1. thanks Em..yes, exactly, it makes our hearts happy to do it this way :)

  2. happy birthday, jeff!
    i'll be 42 in november ~ our birthdays are just 4 months apart.
    such a special way to celebrate his day ♥

  3. This is such a special thing you do, especially for your niece. What a wonderful, joyful way for her to remember and celebrate her father .

  4. What a beautiful thing that your family does to honor your brother's memory and life. I will say some prayers today for your family and Makenna and her Mom.

  5. Aaaw, I love this, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!:)