Thursday, June 28, 2012

How does this happen??

How do you go from a toothless little first grader
to a boot wearin', Justice lovin' second grader??

Last Friday, Lucy was invited to her first little "school's out " girl party...they danced and danced, ate Pizza, and did lots of giggling...she had a great time!

Speaking of Justice :)...we ventured in to their store for the very.first.time!  My little peanut is so tiny, and she is just now able to wear some of their size 6 tops...and she is thrilled!! we kick off the summer before I have a Senior, a Sophmore, a Second Grader, AND a Second year college student...I do know where the time goes...and it goes FAST!



  1. 100% adorable!
    be sure you are all signed up for justice coupons. marian is beyond justice now, but i never bought anything without a big sale or my 40% off coupon. beware, though, they will email them to you everyday, so set up a folder for them to automatically be sent.
    oh, those boots just about kill me ♥

    1. Catie...I did learn about the coupons...I had no idea, but would not shop there without one :)

  2. It does go fast!! She looks adorable!!!

  3. I still just want to bite her!!!! She is so stinkin CUTE! and the poses, omg. xoxo

  4. Oh my she looks SO GROWN UP! I am so not ready for that.

  5. Because I have boys, I have never entered a Justice store. I think Lucy needs to make a Justice video!