Monday, June 4, 2012

That's how we grill!

We picked up Lucy's new glasses today...she was SO excited!
She chose frames that are brown with blue so we would look like twins :)
I love that she thinks we look alike, I think so too :)

Lucy loves cooking ANYTHING, and is really good at it too!

Just the other day she was playing "Worst Cooks in America" (one of of her favorite cooking shows)...she is the head chef and she was showing her "recruits" how to chiffanod :)  Seriously, this girl knows her stuff!

Another of her favorite shows is The Pioneer Woman.  We don't have the Food Network, but she watches Ree over and over On Demand...I think she has her shows memorized :)

Love you Twin♥


  1. my GOODness!!!
    she IS your twin!

    lucy, you picked out such beautiful glasses!
    i love how the blue shows on the sides of the frames.
    i just got some new glasses, too. mine are sunglasses with my prescription right inside ♥

  2. Love those glasses and that incredibly beautiful toothless smile!! I think Maddy needs to start watching some different shows like the ones Lucy likes -- I need someone to assist with cooking! :

    Hope you have a great day.

  3. Such a smart girl and SO talented!!!! LOVE those glasses, gorgeous! I've never seen an episode of PW, will have to do that, I'm sure I'd enjoy it!
    You have one awesome twin, lucky mama!!!!xo

  4. Lucy I love your glasses. You are so beautiful anyway, but you look really beautiful in your new glasses.
    We love you
    Grammy and Papa

  5. I don't think she could get any cuter!!!!

  6. Dawn~
    Seriously cute! Looks like you'll have a chef to cook all your meals in the future!

  7. lucy you are too cute in your new glasses! move over Ree...there's a new chef in town!! xoxo

  8. sandals are the DAWN kork-ease!! comfy but high!! love them xoxo

  9. I love Lucy's new glasses. They are super cute:) She is going to be on the food Network someday!!!

  10. You two TOTALLY look alike! Love your new glases, Lucy. And those burgers look amAZing!

  11. You two TOTALLY look alike! Love your new glases, Lucy. And those burgers look amAZing!