Sunday, June 3, 2012


Blake went with his friend Jonel to her senior prom for their high school
This is how he asked her :)

Jonel and Blake are good friends and had a great time together!
She looked so darling in her teal dress and her gorgeous skin color!!

There were 14 couples in their group, and this is the inside of the "party bus" they took into Seattle for the night


At Salty's on Aliki :)

It really is hard to imagine that next year it will be Blake's Senior Prom...oh this is all going by so fast!!



  1. They both look gorgeous! Wow that bus! How did it look on the outside?

  2. looks like a fun night! they both look fabulous! oh..and lucy too :)

  3. How sweet, he looks like he's a romantic. :) Gorgeous couple, she's beautiful!!!!!