Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating 4 years♥

Today we celebrated 4 years with our precious Girl
(I wish I would have started taking her picture with her "first photo" from the beginning, I love seeing her bloom)

To follow tradition we let Lucy decide how we spend her day.  We always talk about that wonderful day in China and what we did then :)

So hear was today's agenda

Starbucks ~ for her favorite Black Tea Lemonade
Kohls ~ to do a little shopping
Grocery store ~ for the ingredients for her dinner request of Taco Salad

Grammy and Papa came for dinner and brought Lucy's favorite dessert ...Dilly Bars!!

Grammy surprised Lucy with a beach bag she has been wanting full of lots of fun
beach "necessities" :)

Powell was going away for the weekend she he took Lucy on a special date before he left ...that's why he's missing from this photo :)

Seriously???  I don't know who's cuter...Blake or Smokey!

Happy Gotcha Day Lucy Joy Jingxuan♥
We love you to the moon and back, and our lives would never be the same without you in it!
We love you Sweet Girl


  1. What a fun day celebrating your special little girl. Love all the goodies in the beach bag!

  2. What a happy day to come across on my first visit to your blog! Congratulations on four years! Lucy is beautiful!!! (and she planned a fabulous day I might add!).

    Glad you had a great day!

    1. Hi Kate! I am glad you left a comment :) I too think Lucy planned a pretty fabulous day....Off to visit your blog!

  3. Happy Day Lucy!!!!! Sounds like a perfect day. I just LOVE Lucy and her fun personality. It jumps off the page.

    And that is a GREAT photo of Blake!!! So handsome.

  4. Yippee Skippee Happy Anniversary Dear Lucy!!

    I love you!! Ye Ye

  5. Oh wow, Lucy, you planned such a fabulous day!!! I love all the new hot pink accessories!! Happy 4 years together, you all are such a beautiful and blessed family!!!!
    Smokey is darling, but that Blake has such a gorgeous smile, he must light up a room!!!:)
    Happy 4 years!!xo

  6. Happy 4 years! Have enjoyed following your journey - wow time flies! Love the photos of your beautiful family! Wendy

  7. happy gotcha day! look at that adorable "first photo"!!!
    and the gorgeous girl she has grown to be ♥

    lucy's hairdo is so beautiful ~ how about a step-by-step how to post?

    oh, blake... i can hear the sound of hearts breaking ; )

  8. Happy Family Day Lucy! From Mia Hope and her family!!!

  9. Hey lucy! You should do a 'whats in my beach bag' video! I'd love to see that!

  10. I hope your day was extra special Lucy! You are one lucky girl, and your family is so lucky too!

  11. Happy, happy 4 years together. What a wonderful tradition you have with her. Heart he pretty hairdo . . .