Sunday, July 29, 2012

Therapy Camp

We She did it!!
3 weeks of Constraint Therapy Camp are done!
What a wonderful program, with amazing results that we hope will continue.

Lucy was a trooper everyday...her first cast left a bruise and sore on her upper arm, so a second cast was made, and two days later she had irritation on her arm from a little extra padding that was put inside.  Once we removed that, we were good to go!

Every Friday morning, the cast was taken off and the kids participated in a community experience using bilateral movement.  Our first week was swimming, our second week was circus school, and our last Friday was a party at the beach :)
(top 2 pics from "circus school")

Our day at Sanca (School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts) was so fun.  Lucy enjoyed it so much.  The owner is a wonderful lady and a pediatric nurse when she is not running
"circus school".  Jo works exclusively with children with special needs and really felt like she could do some wonderful things for Lucy on the trampoline, trapeze, tight wire, Lucy will begin circus school next week!!

 During our first week it was Halloween in July :)  The kids all got to trick or treat through the therapy center :)

Week 3 celebrated the start of the Olympics!
Lucy represented Team China!!

Every morning Lucy "fed her pig" and on the last Friday the pigs were weighed
1lb 13oz!!
Way to go Lucy!

We met 3 wonderful families with children at all different levels of disabilities, some much more severe than others.  The kids were all so sweet and cheered each other on everyday.

We will return in 3 months for an evaluation to access how much input the brain has retained.
In the meantime, here at home we can continue to encourage "lefty" to do lots more, because we know it is able!



  1. Congratulations Lucy!
    I bet this therapy is going to really help you!

  2. Wow -- great job to Lucy!! What a fabulous camp!

  3. Please email me at I would like to ask you a question regarding the camp.


  4. Circus school, way cool! Wonderful to hear about her progress! Very special to represent China at her therapy school.....she's come along way in her journey. Go, lefty, go! Great job, Lucy!

  5. Therapy school sounds really wonderful!!! I am so glad that it was fun for Lucy as I am sure it was a lot of HARD work too!!!!

  6. Cheering for Lucy. Our Claudio has been there, done therapy camp and is doing great! Hard work pays off but it is really hard work. We know! Claudio says "Hi".