Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lucy goes to therapy camp

As I have shared here before, Lucy was born with a benign brain cyst which affects motor development on the left side of her body, or hemi-plegia (you can read her diagnosis story HERE).  
She attends therapy weekly where she receives LOTS of occupational therapy for her fine motor skills, but her therapist suggested we attend this intense 3 week constraint therapy, as she felt is would be a huge benefit for Lucy.

So, Monday Lucy's "good" right arm was casted from above the elbow to her fingertips.  This obviously limits movement and function with that arm, but tells the brain we are using "lefty".  She attends camp Monday thru Friday for 3 hours with 3 other children all with varying degrees of hemi-plegia/cerebral palsy.  

To be very honest, this is not easy or fun for Lucy, and for me, very hard to watch and not just do everything for her.  Lucy has very limited ability with her left hand, hence the term "helper hand", that is exactly all it is for her.  
The amazing thing, is that in 3 days I ALREADY see more function with her left hand!  She is eating (slowly) with it, gaining mobility and strength...I think at the end of 3 weeks, we will see some amazing results.

This type of therapy causes the brain to work SO hard that she is exhausted at the end of every session and sleeps the whole way home, but WOW is she a little trooper!!

 (oh, just showing off her supination skills :)

Today, our sweet friend Delaney came down when we got home from therapy to surprise Lucy with a makeover!!

She did her makeup  :)

her hair "chalked" and styled

fingers and toes painted :)

Thank you Delaney for taking the time to make Lucy feel so loved and special!!

So, if you don't mind me asking :) would you say a little prayer for Lucy as she goes through her therapy?


  1. Lucy we are so proud of you and how well you are doing with your cast on. I am so happy that Delaney came and did your makeup, hair and nails. You look beautiful (but then you always look beautiful)Grammy and Papa will always be here for you and will do whatever we can to make this all a little easier for you.
    We love you so much. You are a very very special gift to us.
    Grammy and Papa

  2. oh, sweet lucy!
    first of all, i am SO happy that you did not break your arm : )
    second, you are so fortunate to have this special camp.
    i know it is not fun or comfortable, but i just those 3 weeks will fly by and you will be amazed at what your body can do.
    i am sending special wishes to your "lefty" to grow strong, and to your "righty" to be patient and not itchy.
    i'm happy that your body knows it needs a nap afterwards, mine would, too.

  3. Sweet Lucy -- what a brave little trooper!! Love that her friend Delaney came by and gave her a makeover! She looks even more beautiful than usual -- if that is even possible!! Hang in there Lucy -- you are doing great!

  4. My Sweet are such a strong force in all our lives...I love to see your smile and know this is such work for you...yet you just do it! I am so proud to be your ye-ye and can't wait to hold you again soon!!

    Love, your ye-ye

  5. So hard to watch your baby struggle and not help too much! She looks like such a trooper in the photos. It is encouraging to see results with all that hard work. Love the high bun in her hair. I didn't know they had hair chalk?

  6. Dear Sweet Lucy, our junior teepee sister!!!
    I'm so proud of you and so happy that this camp is available for you. Guess what? I'm a lefty! I love my left hand. #1 because my Mother was a lefty. #2 because I wear my wedding ring on that hand. Soooooo just look at the next 3 weeks as your left hand's time to shine. You know like a new outfit. Xoxoxo FRANCO

  7. Gotcha wrapped up sweetly in prayer!

  8. Prayers to sweet, beautiful, and strong Lucy!! Cathy

  9. Dear Lucy, I'm so proud of you for going to camp! You're such a strong little girl. Three weeks will go by quickly and I know that 'lefty' will be stronger. Then 'righty' will need some pretty blue fingernails to match!
    P.S. I love your pink streak in your hair! Delaney is such a good friend.


  10. Dear Dawn, I came upon your website via The Lettered Cottage. I am of Chinese descent myself and I'm always so moved by stories of Chinese adoptions. Bless you for giving Lucy such a good life. Since I was a child I have been interested in adoption, and in particular from China. I am inspired and moved. Maybe I will do it myself some day! Lucy is such a lucky girl!

  11. Our adopted from overseas son also had to go through intensive therapy, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (he got the weekends off) but it was for an auditory disorder. while in the orphanage, he had a hearing loss and so he didn't learn to speak or hear normally during a crucial developmental stage. The therapy got him up to speed. It was VERY hard for him for 3 hours a day but so worth it.

    Praying for Lucy. I am so proud of her! And I love her videos too.

  12. Lucy good luck with camp! Love the color you picked for your cast - you are rocking it!
    Dawn I know how hard it is to watch your child struggle. So painful indeed. I just try to remind myself when we watch Nathan that his life will be so much better. My heart is with you all and praying for a successful camp!
    Keep up the good work Lucy - Mr. Spencer was happy to see you "didn't" break your arm.

  13. Absolutely...prayers enclosed. I am new to your blog...found sweet Lucy from The Lettered Cottage. Her video brought me SUCH I have been following her utube video's. I am telling you she is gonna be SOMETHING special this little gal. She has such a zest for life. Her fashion sense and "all" is so right up my alley. SHE just makes me smile...and Lucy I THANK you from the bottom of my heart for that!!! Go Lucy GO!!!!!

  14. Oh Lucy, you go girl, you can do this! I will be praying for your therapy and for great success!!xo

  15. Prayers for Lucy. Loving the videos.