Friday, July 6, 2012

Lucy, LUSH & Layla

Lucy received this gift card from Layla over at The Lettered Cottage as a very sweet "thank you" for the Kids Decorating video she filmed.

With the purchases she made, Lucy did another video for Layla of her "3 Favorite LUSH Products".  Layla is sharing that video on her blog today, and she is also doing a GIVE AWAY of a LUSH gift card!!  Now you can try some of Lucy's favorites, or find your own!!

So, hurry on over to TLC!!

Also, Lucy would LOVE if you would subscribe to her YouTube channel (HERE)
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  1. I just LOVE that lil Lucy. She is so adorable!!!! I saw her over there and entered the giveaway. We have never tried Lush before. Kate heard Lucy on my computer and came running:)

  2. i entered the giveaway at TLC!
    lucy, i love your videos.
    you are the best! ♥

  3. p.s. i am subscribed to your youtube channel!

  4. Good to hear from you Dawn. Been missing you guys! Were headed to Indiana for a week! so excited. Summer is flying by. Libbie is here loving seeing Lucy. I'm packing the little dress you gave us and I'm going to try to replicate the cute parn photo you did of Lucy in the dress for Lib's scrapbook. I'll send you a copy!

  5. OMG!!! I missed the whole subscribe to Youtube thing!!! We just subscribed and now Libbie will spend the rest of the day parked at my computer watching her favorite celebirty LUCY!! Love you guys!

  6. Lobbies won't let me near my computer I'm using the I pad to tell you that she is glued to the computer

    1. OMG...I love hearing Libbie is glued to the computer!!! Tell her we said "hello"!! LOVED all the cute pics of Lib and Kate together...she is soo tiny...have a great trip!! xoxo

  7. I just saw her last night on Layla's blog. She's too precious!!!! Give her a squeeze for me, Dawn!