Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Navy....Baby!

I stumbled onto this picture of Poppy Delevingne wearing this gorgeous navy polish

and found this one on Pinterest...

and knew I must share...

 My friend Catie sent me this Navy nail polish a few months back
I have worn it SO many times, on my nails and on my toes
I love it!

It is a color that looks great right now in the middle of summer, and will be fabulous for Fall! 

I think you should give this a try...if your hesitant on your fingernails, put it on your toes and go for a neutral fingernail like the Revlon Colorstay Pale Cashmere I mentioned here :)

Naby Baby by Sally Hansen



  1. I have never tried navy but maybe I'll give it a go this week. Kate and I are going to get mani pedis this week:)

  2. it! I have it my toes right now :) had it on my nails last week :) Have fun with Kate!!! xo

  3. love this! i never thought i would like dark nail polish, but i DO!
    so glad you love the navy baby ~ very on-trend ♥

    p.s. you have those gorgeous, elegant nails!