Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Summertime~

Just a glimpse into our summer :)

These two pics of Lucy I took the day we headed to the beach,
this Girl has such style...I adore her :)


Our new Ice Cream Man!!
Can you stand how c.u.t.e his little truck is???
(I have to add after seeing a couple of the comments :)...that our last ice cream man drove a creepy /kidnapper van also!!  That is why we LOVE our new one!)

and, in case you forgot teenagers live here, and think this house is all cute sunhats, nail polish and sunshine....

Blake had some friends over for a little bonfire

this fire was MUCH bigger AFTER the WHOLE wood pallet they put ON TOP of the fire pit broke apart!!

I had Toby on stand-by with the hose...see those pretty hydrangeas in the back there, they are a little "fried"...
the hot dogs roasted pretty quick though :)

and, yes, teenage boys always stand like that when they are texting :)



  1. Boys boys boys, they will be boys. Love the ice cream truck, how cute is that.

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  3. i want your ice cream man!
    i tried to get ours banned from the neighborhood ~ he is not friendly or clean and drives a creepy kidnapper van. last year, he was stopped by the cops. thankfully he hasn't been around this year. i think that if someone wants to be the ice cream man, they had better have a squeaky clean background {AND a cute truck}. just sayin.

  4. Lucy just kills it every time!!!
    I HAVE seen boys stand that way texting, ya know, the ones trying to date my daughter! Hahahaha.
    We had a kidnapper/van ice cream man too! Your ice cream man is right out of the fifties...love it!

  5. Catie and Teri!! I did an update just for the two of you on this post...our old ice cream man DID drive a creepy/kidnapper van too!!!

  6. so glad i'm not the only one : )

  7. It's the cutest little ice cream truck ever!! Lucy deserves a cute truck to match her cuteness.
    And you made me laugh out loud with that last pic. It's so, so true!