Thursday, September 6, 2012

How does my garden grow??

Actually quite pathetic :)
We had such a slow start to summer this year
that I knew if I planted early, nothing would grow...
so I didn't plant anything 

Them my Mom brought over 3 corn and 3 brussel sprout starts
in early August and I planted them

This is one of my corn plants
cute, but I don't think we will all be sharing this one ear anytime 

As for my Brussel sprouts...they are growing despite the little insect
that keeps eating all the leaves
I had high hopes for these

Well, so much for my sustainable garden :)
Maybe I will try again next year!



  1. I haven't had much luck either, except for my grand tomatoes!

  2. My broccoli looks the same and I started in May from seed. I did have success with carrots, lettuce, peas & now the green beans are coming in. Tomatoes . . .not so much this year.

  3. The late summer Texas heat is killing our as well! :(