Friday, September 7, 2012

Under the Thursday Night Lights~

Blake is playing football his Senior year
He played as a freshman, and knew he couldn't end
his high school career without playing again

Last night was their first home game!

Blake is #33

Mt. Ranier

Bennett (in the orange beanie :) in the student section

Our favorite cheerleader!

Blake got the tackle on this one :)

the score at half-time
the final was 60-7
I always feel bad when we are so far ahead 

and he got an interception on this play
(darn, I switched my camera to "auto" and this is what I got!...any tips on how I should have set my camera for this one?? I was in "sports" mode for quite a few and "manual" also)

Great game Lions!!



  1. yeah blake! i love football games! even though i have no idea what's going on! looks like a great time! xoxo

  2. That's exciting, football is so much fun, GO Blake!!! These are great shots Dawn! Lucy is SO adorable, love her glasses so much! Enjoy the weekend!xo

  3. What fun times! Great memories!!!!!