Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday to our American Girl!

Happy 8th Birthday Lucy Joy Jingxuan
Wow..hard to believe this little girl has now lived half her life here with us
right where she belongs!
We decided to take her last night for a little
"pre-birthday" shopping.

This was Daddy's first trip to the AG store!

Lucy has known she wanted American Girl's Doll of the Year
(and since her cousin is named Makenna :) it made it all the easier)

Happy Birthday to our American Girl!

"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
as long as I'm living 
my baby you'll be"


  1. happy birthday you sweet girl!! don't grow up too fast. and how i remember those ag dolls. hannah still has hers. xoxo

  2. OH YAY!!!!! WE love "McKenna" too! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Maddy loves her McKenna doll too!! My hubs was amazed at his first visit to the AG store -- he actually loved it (maybe not the prices, but the store and the very nice sales people). Have fun with that sweet doll and enjoy Birthday No. 8!!

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy!!
    What a cutie!!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!
    What a day you had!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful Lucy! Wen

  7. Oh my beautiful granddaughter. Happy Birthday! You have blessed our lives in more ways than you will ever know. We are so very fortunate to have you in our hearts, there is never a day that goes by you are unhappy, you are always wearing a smile and you heart is so full of love and kindness. You have made us all smile so many times over.
    Happy Birthday my sweet baby. May you always remain the beautiful girl you are today.
    We love you so much
    Grammy and Papa

  8. Hi Lucy ~ Happy Birthday from Nevada! My daughter Kate is 4 and loves to watch your videos, and she wanted me to tell you that you both have the same glasses. McKenna was a great choice ~ hope she brings you lots of joy. Birthday Blessings!!!

  9. Happy birthday Lucy! I had an american girl doll at your age 20 years ago! Mine was the Kristen doll and I loved her. Enjoy yours and your special day. Keep making videos!

  10. Your daughter from China is beautiful and precious. We have a daughter from China, too. (Her name is Lydia.) She also went to the AG store for her 5th bday this past year. :)