Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Official....8 is Gr8!

Lucy had a perfect day
8 is great!

She started her day opening a few little gifts
I always buy the kids some of their favorite snack foods 
as a fun gift...Lucy's were bbq Pop Chips 
bbq Potato sticks :)

a little photo shoot before school
this was her outfit of choice

celebrating at school
she chose to bring mini ice cream sandwiches
to share with her class

her bff Camryn :)

a little One Direction dvd
from her brothers :)
(definitely NOT their choice :)

our friend Dawn and family suprised Lucy with these cute AG hats 
and a little red jacket for her doll!!  Thank you Brown Family..xoxo

Birthday dinner of choice...
pasta with vodka sause and italian sausage, garlic bread and salad
an cookies and cream ice cream cake!!

Happy Birthday sweet Lucy Joy Jingxuan
We hope all your wishes come true!


  1. Today is my birthday too! So sweet that we get to share our special day together. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!
    Killer birthday candle holder too!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lucy! She is oh-so-fashionable. I love her birthday outfit! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to the cutest 8 year old on a blog.

  5. Happy Late Birthday Lucy! I love the candle stick on the cake!!! Where did you find that?

    1. hi keisha! i found the little candleabra in the dollar section of walmart! it comes in a package (2 pieces)...hope you find one!!

  6. Happy, happy belated birthday, Lucy!!! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL celebration!!!!
    You've got such a special and sweet momma!!!!!
    Hugs to both of your girls!!!

  7. Oh, and I'm LOVIN' your boots!!!! Where oh where did you find those, Dawn????? Precious! I want a "big girl" pair! :D

    1. Michael Kors from Marshalls...I want some too :)

  8. Dawn, I cannot believe your baby is 8 already!! Wow, tell her to slow down already! What a special day, love the poses and adore the boots!! Happy 8th to sweet Lucy Joy!!