Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homecoming 2012

This past weekend Blake and Bennett both attended Homecoming
I have to take a moment to share a little about my boys...

I keep things here pretty light, but I also want this to be our family scrapbook
and along with the good times come some tough times as well...
and we are in the midst of some right now...
and my boys have stepped up to the plate.

They both paid for homecoming with their own money
(actually, they have paid for all their dances with their own money)
They bought the tickets for themselves and their dates,
Bennett rented his own tuxedo and bought his date's corsage
and when he paid with his own debit card he was praised for his maturity
from the florist and the tux shop...a proud moment for this Mom!!

Blake lives a "charmed" life :) and was able to borrow a friend's suit, and his
date wanted to have someone she knew make their corsage and boutineer ..that is just how life
works for our Blake :) my Boys,
Thank you for the sacrifices you have made,
for all the things you have gone without,
and for never once complaining.  You make
us so proud.

Our first stop on the tour :)
was to meet up with Blake's group for pictures

These boys have been friends since 3rd grade, 
when we moved to our neighborhood!

Blake's date ended up having a major dress malfunction
and didn't make it to group pictures
so, the sweet lady who made his boutineer
pinned it on him :)

We headed up to the school
and Lucy got to have her picture taken 
with the Homecoming Queen!!
We ♥ Abby!!

Megan arrived
her dress fixed
and she looked

Such a cute couple (friends only :)

Blake and his friends
headed to West Seattle for a gourmet
dinner put on by his friend Brandon's Dad!!

The group was also treated to a photo shoot !!
More photos to come!

One hour later we met Bennett at his date's house
where he had been for dinner 
and just hanging out....these events turn 
into HUGE!!

I really love this shot of Lucy and Bennett
a rare moment for sure!!

The boys had a great time!
Hard to believe this is Blake's last Homecoming
and Bennett still has 2 more!!!


  1. Beautiful story. As the mom of these two boys who have been silent and accepted what life has unfairly dished out, you should take the time to see that what you have taught and raised them to be is now shinning through. You have a beautiful outlook and it shows in your children. I am so proud to have you as my daughter and your children as my grandchildren who make us all proud.

  2. I cannot even top what your dad said. Beautifully put!
    I love how Lucy is in all the shots. Your boys are so good to her!
    Our homecoming was about 4 weeks ago...yes early.
    Graham and his girlfriend broke up 4 days before the dance.....out went his pink tie to match her dress!!

  3. Wow -- what great sons -- I know you are so proud of them!! You have the sweetest family ever! And holy cow -- their dates and friends are gorgeous!

  4. Dawn - praying for God's wisdom, courage, strength and joy for you right now. Your sons look amazingly handsome (and sweet--sssh!)Blessings from up north!

  5. You have so much to be proud of! You and your family are amazing! Hugs~

  6. How mature your boys are, my grandsons....Dawn, you and Toby have done it all right for all your children...I am so proud of all of you!! Love Pops

  7. are raising great young men. I am sorry your family has had some rough times. But it seems like they are helping your boys learn some awesome life lessons. Today, so many kids are so spoiled, it is nice to see/ read this.
    They look so handsome for their homecoming:)