Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday Night Lights {Homecoming Football}

This past week has been Senior week
at school for the football players
Everyday the cheerleaders have given the seniors
a treat during first period
on Thursday, two cheerleaders came to our house
and decorated Blake's bedroom :)

Friday Night was the homecoming game
they didn't win :(
but we had fun anyway!

I love how our boys hold hands as they walk onto the field 
for the coin toss

Blake wore a pink headband to honor his Nana♥

We got to watch the King and Queen be crowned

Bennett took the girls to the student section
When you are a teenage boy, your little sister is a "chick magnet" :)

My sister-in-law and niece were in town
and the girls got to cheer!
Makenna Riley was SO excited!

and so was this girl
she can really shake that booty!!

We ♥ you Nana, and miss you everyday!


  1. Great pictures. I am glad I got to be there and share in the fun

  2. Wow, Blake! I'm so glad you remembered your Nana at your game! It was 50 years ago this November 10th that we were married!

    Bennett, glad you had your little sister and cousin to cruise the girls in the crowd!! Looks like it worked!

    You are wonderful boys and I love you all very much!! Love Pop.