Monday, October 8, 2012

LIttle Red Riding Hood Party {last of the pics!}

This is the last of the party pics!
These are just lots of cute ones of Lucy and her friends
they had such a great time!

Lucy received some really fun gifts!

This is Lucy's favorite pic of herself :)

My parents have 2 landscaped is so lush and beautiful
the girls ran and ran...we were hoping the real deer would 
show up for the party :)

I love this picture of one of the girls playing with her Red Riding Hood and Wolf
paper doll

 Lucy grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her friends in the photo booth
she has a great eye...and she looks so darling holding that camera!

The End
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  1. oh I so love the picture of Lucy at grandma's house. She looks like she just stepped out of the story book

  2. So cute!! What a great party!!