Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Party {crafts & photo booth}

Thank you so much for all the SWEET comments,
I had so much fun putting this together!

To see the first party post...go HERE

This chair has been in my family for years, it is one of my favorite things
and I knew it would work perfectly into this party!

This tissue pom "chandelier" hung
above the table on the patio...I made 4 poms (2 red, 2 brown),
added 3 red round paper lanterns, tied them together and 
stuck branches in to add dimension

Coffee, cider and strawberry lemonade table
(before I actually brought them out :)

I chose not to do "goodie bags" and instead bought red take out boxes to hold all the crafts the girls made...cut out paper red riding hood shapes and glued them to the side 

my craft table cutie :)

our first craft was tiny little "woodland globes"

I took small baby food jars, spray painted the lids red

we glued moss, a stick and a teeny tiny deer to the lid

and put the jar on cute!

I found this red riding hood paper doll on line.  I had them printed at Office Depot
cut them all out and had them in bags
and the girls put them together!

our third craft was decorating small composition books
they turned out so cute too!

my Mom had found wolf pictures online, so she put them on sticks
and hid them throughout the yard....
here Little Red is SO surprised :)

The biggest hit was the "photo booth"!
the girls loved it...I took a picture of each girl and will be using them as their "thank you" cards...
they had so much fun they kept going back to it!

Not a great picture, but you can see how much fun they had with this!


Lucy and Blake♥


  1. Love it! Lucy is one lucky girl. I know you probably had loads of fun with it. I didn't realize how tiny lucy is!

  2. oh dawn what an amazing day! the crafts and photo booth look awesome! i can't wait to see what you come up with for the next party! xo

  3. Love the photo booth idea too!

  4. Your creativity is really took over with this one Dawn. I've loved every minute of seeing and reading the details of this most wonderful party! Hope you keep all the details and pics in your portfolio......

  5. you left no mossy stone unturned, my friend.
    this is beyond amazing.
    i am swooning over those teensy woodland globes.
    and the best part of all of it is that i know lucy LOVED every little detail ♥

  6. Amazing creativity; Dawn. Love all your details. G
    Photo op session was brilliant and big time heart the forest globe with the tiny deer. What a fun and special party you created

  7. Dawn-- that is absolutly the cutest party ever!! i love the theme and everything was so perfect-- with the fallen tree logs and the little baby food jar deer thing-- totally adorable!!!!! LOVE IT!!! What a fun party- you are a great planner. I pretty much get a jumpy and pizza and call it good-- such a bad mom-- lol!!!!

  8. okay...we need to hook you up with Country Living. This all so good..maybe someone in blogland will see this and get you connected. Love all the details and all the smiles of the children, Too good for words Dawn!

  9. Tell lucy we would like a birthday haul soon! :)

  10. Dawn, this party is PICTURE PERFECT! Truly!!!! You really need to get this published somewhere!!!!!! I wish I lived closer....I would have had to crash this party.....Too good not to attend!!!!! :D

  11. oh the pictures are so good. I especially love the picture of Lucy looking surprised to see the wolf. You really did an amazing job. We love you all.
    Mom and Dennis

  12. Oh Dawn!! This is juts the cutest party ever. It is sweet, personal and special without being "over the top" (which I see so much of today). I also don't do goodie bags but have things they make to take. Lucy and her friends looks SO happy!! Love the photo booth and I love the shot of Lucy and Blake too.