Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn Nail Polish Favorites

I love dark nail polish once fall arrives
(or the palest of pinks)
and right now these are a few of my favorite shades!

OPI Got the Blues for Red
I have had this on my nails every other manicure
it is a deep gorgeous red...and I have gotten TONS 
of compliments!

Sally Hansen  - Commander in Chic
a perfect taupey grey and this formula holds up so well!
very similar to Essie's Chinchilly
and OPI's You don't know Jacques

Sally Hansen - Pat on the Black
a very deep purple that is almost black
very similar to OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark

I ran out of my Seche Vite top coat
and really didn't want to spend $8 on a bottle
that by the time I'm halfway through it is
too thick to I decided to try something new
and I 
LOVE this!

Nutra Nail 
Speed Dry 30 Second Top Coat with Green Tea
You apply this 2 minutes after you polish your nails, it is dry to the touch in 30 kidding, and after a few minutes you can be off and running, the SHINE is amazing 
and it has really held up my polish with minimal chipping until day 3 or 4...I rarely get a week out of my polish :( AND it was under $4!



  1. You always have great polish recommendations!

  2. i looked for this today at target... i'm guessing you found it at walgreens?

  3. I found the top coat at Walmart :) by the Sally Hansen stuff...if that is the one you are talking about Catie :) I found the red polish at Target

  4. Thank you for the top coat tip:)

    Love all those colors:)