Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

our beautiful blushing bride

keeping with tradition of fun ways to collect her candy....
Lucy's bouquet is open in the center (a cone), and I carried a bag for her
to dump the candy after each house :)

she lost another tooth last week!

this year, just Blake and Lucy carved pumpkins
Lucy started out with a face, but decided to have Daddy
carve her name

so this year
we had a storm trooper (Blake is a little obsessed with Star Wars :)
and a reminder of who's house this is :)

and for a school costume
Lucy decided to rock the 80's :) it's November 1st!! 


  1. Lucy's such a precious bride! Great costume!! I miss those days. But little Roman sure did enjoy greeting all the trick or treaters last night. It's pitiful. Me. Not him...

  2. Cate was also a bride! Lucy sure did make a cute one! Love, Kim

  3. What a beautiful little bride!!!

  4. Love her COSTUME!! Very unique!!

  5. what a beautiful bride!
    it must have been so much fun to wear : )

  6. What a gorgeous bride costume! You must have worked really hard on it! Makes you want to say don't grow up too fast. I am sure she will look even more amazing someday on her real wedding day!

  7. What a beautiful bride indeed!!!!! I Love it!!! Cool pumpkins and also love the 80's costume!!

    Meant to say something about your comment on our blog and somehow the time got away from me.... I wish so much I would have thought about you living in WA when we were there in August. We would have loved meeting you guys....
    If we get out there again I will for sure let you know!!!!