Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekending 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...

I love love love when Powell comes home, and my family is "whole"
Before we headed to the Brooks' for dinner, I tried to get my Christmas card photo :)
here are a few of the other shots...we had so much fun taking these!!

I really do have the best boys in the world...seriously 

We love spending Thanksgiving at the Brooks'...Powell, Sam and Rachel
all attend WSU together and are the same age, Lucy has missed Rachel, and Uncle Peter 
joined us this year!

I think I am finally on my way to feeling a little normal.,.I have been sick for 10 days!!
I have not had a cough like this in has really knocked me down!

Powell headed back to school today...he will return home in 3 weeks for Christmas break
Blake has some college applications to fill out :)
and I am reading for a little holiday cheer!!


  1. the slide picture is THE BEST!
    so sorry you've been so sick : (
    having a cough is awful because you can never really rest.
    one week til your birthday...
    four weeks til christmas...
    time to feel better!!! ♥

  2. I love all of the pictures. My boys are so big now, It is amazing to see how Ben has just caught up to them in height. We had a wonderful time at the Brooks home. They really put on a spread. I had a lot to be thankful for this year especially for my family and my 5 beautiful and loving grandchildren.

  3. Hopefully you will continue to get better! The photos are fantastic! So creative!

  4. Okay, so much to say. First Lucy's hair is adorable up, and how do you get your boys to participate in photos? Mine dread it. Really, what is your secret? And all of the different poses too! Even the silly ones? Great memories for sure! I'm glad you enjoyed your family all being together. Powell will be graduating from college before you know it!

    1. Em...the boys KNOW that holidays are MINE for photos, it has always been that way, it is the few times a year that I have a say in what they wear so everyone coordinates, and they just need to give me this time to take the pictures and SMILE! The older that they are, they LOVE all the awkward family Christmas photos and really wanted to do the playground ones were easy :)...just wait..I have a couple more for my Christmas card that are hysterical!! (p.s. that is my favorite hairstyle on Lucy!)

  5. Gorgeous family, gorgeous pictures! What fun you all look like you had. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Get better soon.

  6. Precious Precious Family! Some young women are going to be so lucky one day to catch these fellas that you have raised into awesome young men.

  7. you have such a beautiful family dawn! so happy you were all together..xoxo

  8. I love to see your family photos Dawn!! The boys are wonderful....and that Lucy... well... She is drop dead gorgeous... especially with her hair up like that... wow!!

  9. Love these Dawn, they're all great (on the poles, LOVE?!!) and yes, you do have the best boys!! Lucy is such a sweet part of it all too, she's so precious and stylish!! You ALL look great, love your coat!!:))xo