Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekending through my phone!

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted!
I ended up with bronchitis after Thanksgiving
which really s l o w e d me down
and it is taking awhile for me to feel 

I celebrated my birthday last week
and was blessed beyond measure
by SO many wonderful friends and 
family♥ is a quick up date of the weekend 
with pictures from my phone
Friday night Lucy and I went to craft night at her school, the
girls who put this on outdid themselves...Lucy made sugar scrub
snowflake feather ornament, snowman ornament, 
magnetic picture frame, and a candle holder!

Saturday was Lucy's lesson at SANCA
She has been working SO hard on her trampoline seat drop
which does not come easy with her hemiplegia, but 
she has got it!!!
You've come a long way Baby!!

My favorite is to watch her on the tight wire
and the confidence she feels as we walks

and I am a little bit in love with this 

Buddy the Elf was feeling a little 
mischievous this weekend :) 

I spent the weekend getting our Christmas decorations out
my chalkboard walls are decked for the holiday!!

and Sunday we got our Christmas tree!!

There you have our weekend
in a handful of pictures!


  1. Love the chalkboard idea! So beautiful!

  2. Lucy is beautiful!
    I hear you about the bronchitis. I am getting over it myself.

  3. Loved seeing your weekend! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! We have been battling flu and colds too. Hope you are feeling good now. It was neat to see Lucy doing her bounce/land video. My sister is coming into town tonight with my niece so it's going to be a long girl weekend, yeah!

  5. lovely....all of it!! love the chalkboard writing, so pretty! and go lucy with your tight-rope walking, wow!!
    happy birthday dawn!!!!xx