Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Mine♥

Lucy love Valentines
and she loves homemade Valentines!!
That's my boys NEVER would give 
homemade, so there were lots of mutant turtles, power rangers
(remember them :) and star wars!

Thanks to the awesome Pinterest
we found another cute idea!
We loved this one, however, I am 
not sure most of the 2nd graders 
"got it" :) but that's ok
I did!!

I always have little Valentine treats for the kids
the boys got beef jerky, gatorade, a movie and candy
Lucy got a new watch, bracelets, valentine socks and candy
and for the college boy...protein bars, smartfood, a movie
and some candy!

While the kids are at school I decorate the table
I made pink velvet cupcakes and Lasagna for dinner♥

Here are a couple of phone pics from Lucy's V-day Party at school
Wasn't Valentines day your FAVORITE party at school??
I love the envelopes to hold your valentines
and all the fun of reading who sent you which Valentine♥

Hope your day was sweet



  1. i think ned's class made the same valentine holders.
    are they big laced-up hearts? so sweet!

  2. What a cute idea you had w/school fish :) One of my favorite memories was making my valentine folder to hang on my desk and seeing it fill up with cards and candy! Liliah made her first envelope in her pre-K class and loved it to. It's funny how the simple things are often the best in life. Liliah got a chinese take-out holder filled with candy and some new footsie pajamas. Maddy our dog enjoyed the candy about a day later, that foodie!

  3. My girls got the same Valentine that Lucy made! So cute!!

  4. can't believe i'm just seeing this?? SO adorable!! love it all!! xo