Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Lucy's BFF Camryn!!

Lucy's friend Camryn celebrated her birthday at 
the American Girl Cafe and store!  Lucy has been to the store, but hadn't eaten 
in the what a treat!

The Han horse outside PF Chang's is one of my favorites!

Lucy is so teeny tiny...she is the oldest of all these Girls by months!!!

Such sweet girls...all held hands on their own
Daughters are so fun!!

I personally think :) this photo below
needs to be an AG ad!!!

What a fun and exhausting day!!
Happy 8th Birthday Camryn!!!


  1. this is so sweet!
    i have never been to the AG store, but both emily & marian still have their American Girl dolls.
    fun to get a little peek at lucy's friends.
    happy birthday, camryn!

  2. hannah (almost 15) still has her AG dolls. and she was always and still is the most petite girl in her class. it's sweet to be petite! and lucy is the sweetest xoxo

  3. What DOLLS!! Looks like so much fun!

  4. These pictures are so very cute. The girls I am sure had so much fun. My little teeny tiny Lucy, gosh I love her so much. Always a happy little one. <3

  5. Lucy may be tiny but she has the biggest heart and smile!

  6. Great photos Dawn and what a special day for Lucy and her friends! Love the last photo especially, how cute!:)

  7. What a fun day! I can't wait to take my niece there when she gets older.