Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little Lucy Update!

Thank you for all the sweet emails and comments checking on Lucy♥

The day after my last post, I took Lucy to her pediatrician because she had a cough that
seemed to me more than "throat irritation", which is normal...well, sure enough 
they diagnosed her with Bronchitis..poor girl!
So, we got her on antibiotics, kept up the Tylenol, Motrin, oxycodone regime..and by Thursday night
she was new girl!  The nurses at the hospital kept saying once she got to day 7 things would turn for the better, and then add the antibiotic to the did the trick!
For the past few days, she has only need ibuprofen in the morning first thing
and that is it!!
It is so great to have our girl back...her happy, cheerful, smiley self
she gets to go back to school tomorrow
and she couldn't be happier!!


  1. Yahoo! So happy Lucy is doing much better! What a blessing!

  2. I'm soooo glad she's feeling better!

  3. Yay Lucy!
    Sorry it took so long, but let's don't look back or think about it anymore!
    Cheers to Lucy!

  4. so glad she's better dawn. i agree with looking back! xo

  5. Hello!
    Interesting blog.
    :) Wish you a happy new year!

  6. Yeah - so happy to hear that she is doing better! What a tough time she had.