Monday, March 4, 2013

A little catch up ....

Here is a little "catch up" through pictures from my seems 
that is the only camera I use lately...need to change that!

Just a quick outfit of the day from Lucy Joy!

Blake received his acceptance letter to WSU!  He has decided not to attend there and pursue a career as a firefighter...we are excited for him!

Lucy and her bff Camryn tried out for the school talent show and made it!  They are going to do 
a little fashion/cat walk/dance number :)  Should be cute!!

Blake started feeling bad this past week, took him to the Dr twice...Mono test was negative, 
strep test Saturday afternoon, he was miserable...took him to the ER...dehydrated, iv of fluids, iv of steroids for his VERY swollen tonsils and blood work determined he does indeed have Mono!  Poor Guy!
We need him feeling well, as he is going to the DECA state competition this week!

My seasonal second job has come to an end which has given me more 
time to get things done around our house that have been neglected...
and I am planning a Polka Dot First Birthday party for a friend's little Girl!

So, that's a little update of the past week or so...I am going to 
try to get back to my regular blogging schedule :)



  1. Miss Lucy striking a great pose as usual. So much going on for Blake! I love that he is taking the road he wants to take. I wish him so well. Richard got mono last spring. It took us a long time to realize he had it too! I did a DECA competition in HS, and it was a blast, so I really do hope he can make it.

  2. Congrats to Blake on his acceptance and more importantly his career choice and for taking the steps to make it happen! Will pray for a very quick recovery for him! Love Lucy's outfit and I hope you post pics of the sweet polka dot party you're planning:))

  3. I think it's time for a little "jazzy" video from Miss Lucy!!