Friday, March 8, 2013

five things on friday

this stylish girl wearing her favorite leopard coat
and boots :)

my cute business cards that I ordered to 
inspire me to "carry on" with my dream

 inspiring free downloads I discovered from my new 
favorite blog...Lara Casey

my favorite coffee...seriously smells just like 
a chocolate glazed donut!!

and not a fan of these!!



  1. We saw that ad for the chips the other night and thought, YUCK!
    Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee--OMG!

  2. i love lucy's look & that coffee sounds amazing.
    chicken flavored chips? what??
    party 'til dawn & carry on : )

  3. I love the picture of Lucy in the coat. That's my fashionista

  4. Follow you dream.....never give up......

  5. first of all - i love your business cards and the name!!!

    i've nominated you for a leibster award. it's an award that is given to blogs with less than 200 followers. there are certain criteria that are to be met in order to continue sharing the award with other bloggers. its a fun way for bloggers to connect, discover new blogs and support one another. check out my post at for the particulars!

    thanks for having a blog i love - i just wanted to share it with others!