Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Saturday Night

 This year we decided to have our Easter dinner on Saturday night
The college kids came home on Friday, and two of the three had
to head back to school on Easter was a fun way to extend 
the holiday!

We definitely had a more casual laid back Easter
and it was wonderful!

We have family that comes to visit from California and Oregon
every year and my Mom hosts Easter dinner.
This year we had prime rib and ham :) 

I really cannot believe that these three guys 
are almost all the same height!
Powell (almost 20)
Blake (18)
Bennett (almost 16)

There is NOTHING that makes me happier
than when Powell is home and ALL by babies are around me!!

My parents have such a great yard!
This year we had amazing weather AGAIN...notice Lucy's bare legs and sleeveless
Lucy is the only one who hunts for Easter eggs now!
She loves it, and the big kids help her out!!


I just had to share...
My friend Merribeth made these chick deviled eggs
that she saw on Pinterest...hysterical!!

Next post: Easter Sunday!


  1. looks like a wonderful easter weekend dawn. i've told you many're family is beautiful! xo

  2. This family is so adorable!!!

  3. lucy & the giants!
    i can't believe how tall they are ~ and how handsome!
    this looks like so much fun & your mom's backyard is enchanting...

  4. What a great looking family. I love the picture of Lucy with the boys, it looks like she has them all wrapped around her little finger.