Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

Here are a few Easter Day pics
kind of pathetic really :)

Sleepy Lucy excited for her Easter basket
we just let the boys sleep rather
than having grumpy guys!

The bunny brought Lucy her favorite chips, some candy, a leopard cami, 
cute tissues, rain boots for her American Girl doll, a scented glue stick
and a bunny that "poops" jelly beans :)

We went back to my Mom's for Panini sandwiches with leftovers
and just had a relaxing day!

We decided we wanted to let balloons go for the special people we have lost
in our lives!
♥Jeff, Nana (Toby's Mom) Uncle Roy, Darren, Michelle, Uncle Al, Dale, and my Grandma
and Grandpa♥ 

and we played a little frisbee!

It was a Happy Easter!