Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's been awhile....

Obviously my blog has taken a major backseat lately, I thought it might be time 
for a little catch up. 
We have so many things happening here in the next month, I thought now would be a good time!

Powell is home from WSU for the summer which is so fun...you know I love when all
my babes are under one roof....it's loud, it gets messy, but I love it!!

We are winding down our school year, and with that it means Senior Prom for Blake and Graduation.

 He asked his date last week, and she said "yes"!

Bennett will celebrate his 16th birthday this Sunday...HOW in the world did that happen?!?!?!

Last month he attended a Leadership camp at Joint Base Lewis McChord with his JROTC class.
The minute I saw him in his uniform, reality hit....he is not a boy any longer.

Somebody is turning 50 next week (his name starts with a T:)
so, I have been busy planning a party for the best hardest working guy 
I know!

I am currently working on a baby shower for a client with my 
Party 'til Dawn business which is exciting, and then will cap it off with 
a Grad Party for Blake the next week!

On top of it all, I recently became an Independent Consultant for 
 I had hosted a launch party for a friend, loved the 
products and the company, which is based off of Proverbs 31, 
so I decided to earn a little extra money and have fun while doing it!!
You can check out my website here

So, that's my little "catch up".
It surely wont be so long between posts as 
things start to get moving this weekend!!



  1. you are SO busy!
    wow, that picture of bennett!! he's all grown up!
    congratulations to blake!
    happy birthday, mr. t : )
    dawn, you have so much to celebrate - take some quiet time to celebrate YOU ♥

  2. You guys have been busy. Congratulations on your new business, I have a lot of friends who sell 31 and it is a great company.

  3. So much going on! I don't have half of the stuff you have going on, and I feel overloaded. I bet you are looking for July to roll around. Take care and good luck with the biz stuff! Happy 16th to Bennett (Graham turns 16 tomorrow!), congrats to Blake, and a BIG Happy Birthday to Toby!!!!

  4. Love this update Dawn, you all have so much going on!! And what a cute business name:))

  5. What precious men in your life! And what girl wouldn't agree to go to prom with Blake?? He's so adorable!