Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Toby!

This year Toby turned 50
I have said it many times but it bears repeating
he is the most selfless, kind, patient, even tempered
positive, caring person I know.
I could not have chosen a better man to be my husband
and father my children.

So this year I wanted to really celebrate ALL that he is 
and means to our I threw him a "sort of " surprise party.
I didn't tell him about it, and when he came home from work 
and all the prep was going on in the kitchen...
then I spilled the beans!

It was a great night full of family and friends
whom we love spending time with!

 I asked each of the boys to "toast" their Dad
and they did not disappoint!
I am so proud of each of them, and their willingness to 
share their heart right there in front of some of the
most important people in our lives.

Happy Happy Birthday Toby!
You are the ROCK of our family
the LIGHT of my life!



  1. I always knew this about Toby......Happy Birthday dude.

  2. How did you keep it together during those toasts?
    You are blessed Dawn!

  3. I'm teary just looking at the pics of those handsome young men hugging their Dad! Happy Birthday Toby.

  4. Best party ever... Toby deserved every bit of it. The toasts that the boys made
    were so special. I sat there and cried, they did an awesome job and to hear them they all spoke from their hearts. What was the best part of it all was you realized from everything that night involved, the party the decorations the food the family the friends, what a great job Dawn and Toby have done together to build this wonderful family...I love all of you I am so happy and proud to be mom grandma, mother in law and grammy to all of you.....

  5. oh dawn...i just love your family!
    here's to a fabulous year ahead for toby and your family..
    much love to you my friend..

  6. Wishing Toby a wonderful year of 50! How touching to have his sons "toast" their dad. I'm sure not a dry eye in the house and how meaningful to hear them and what they've received from his life. Your party looks fabo as usual. Loved the cake and the spread of food/finger items - Yum! Blessings from Darryl, Sharon, Liliah and soon Miss Miah.

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! I love how you decorated for the party. I especially love the wood stand.