Monday, June 10, 2013

Prom 2013

This weekend Blake went to his Prom
He spent the past week at camp with a bunch
of 5th graders :)
So, I know he was really looking forward
to a night of dressing up and hanging out 
with his friends!

I know I'm his Mom
how gorgeous is my boy?!?!?!

what about these two handsome guys?? 
Looking at this picture I notice that 
they are all almost the exact same height!!

Always the perfect shot with Lucy!

 I really think candid shots are some of my favorites!
The girls were just arriving, and the boys
were seeing them for the first time :)

Andrea is a sweet girl Blake is dating, 
she and her friend Hannah (red dress) attend 
another high school

One of my absolute favorites of the night
LOOK at the blue eyes on these two!

and...Lucy can always get a great shot!

These boys have been friends since we first moved into
our neighborhood and Blake was in 2nd grade!
Brandon and Nick (the two on the left) are both 
headed to WSU.
Blake and Devin both want to be Firefighters
and will attend the fire service program
at a technical college!
( and yes, they have already picked their months for the firefighter catalog!! hahaha)
not kidding :)

Blake and Aidan
Aidan left for the Marines the day after Prom
The boys are all so proud of him, but are sad he will not be there
on Saturday when they graduate

Half of my heart right there!!
It seems like just yesterday we did all this for Powell
and now it's Blake's turn!

And they're off!!  
They had a gorgeous country club venue
but before that had a professional photo shoot
on the water with the Seattle skyline in the background..
can't wait to share those photos!!

So, next up...
we have a Grad Party here Friday night
Saturday is Graduation Day!!!


  1. When you said he was going to be a firefighter my first thought , "Well he'll be on the cover of some calendar real soon!" He is SO handsome! And looks so sweet. I know you are proud. I love how Lucy gets right in the mix. I bet she was having a ball too. xoxo

  2. I am so proud of this family. I love how the other boys always support what is going on with one of them. There is not much we can say about our Blake just look at that face. I love the way he looks,he is a natural the way he poses his body, it moves well for him. I look at Blake and realize God gave me back a little piece of missing part of our lives in that he looks a lot like his uncle Jeff.
    I am very proud of each one of you. Dawn and Toby you have done a great job at raising and directing their everyday lives. I love you all very much.

  3. oh dawn..he is just so handsome! your entire family is beautiful! looks like they had fun! stephen's is this thursday!! xo

    1. pam, thank you! can't wait to see pics of stephen!

  4. What great looking kids! Can't believe we've reached the end of another school year. Where does the time go?

  5. What a crew!
    All of your boys are so handsome.
    I know you are really happy and excited for Blake.
    And his girlfriend's dress---what a knockout!

  6. So handsome! What a great looking group of young adults. Surprised at how many guys choose black shirts. Love how little sis snuck into the photos!

  7. hey girl!
    just nominated you for a liebster award (????) as i was given one and am passing on :)
    play along if you like ( i don't usually do these kinds of things!) but i love you and your blog! xoxo