Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gotcha 5 years Lucy Joy Jingxuan!

5 years
5 years
it seems like it's
always been this way!

this little lady is a light that never dims
a presence that never fades

lucy loves her gotcha day
she insists that is what it's called
and she requires requests that ever family
member be present that day to celebrate her :)

as with tradition we always let her choose the events of the day
this year it was breakfast out 
monsters university movie
homemade dinner with grammy and papa

our goal for lucy this summer was to learn to ride a bike
bilateral activities can be tricky for her, but i knew she could do it
so, grammy and papa surprised her with a bike
we discovered that everything works better in wedges!!

lucy joy jingxuan
thank you for the joy that you are
the perfect girl for us!
we love you



  1. Lucy is so sweet and very stylish. I love that she enjoys her "Gotcha Day" and likes to be celebrated!!

  2. Congrats on five years since referral. She is a beauty and I can see the joy she brings to your family and everyone she meets!

    1. Janet..I know you know exactly :-) xo

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  3. Happy Gotcha Day Lucy! You are the MOST STYLISH BIKE RIDER EVER!!

  4. Happy 5 years with this beautiful young lady. I know she bring such joy to your family.