Wednesday, August 21, 2013


i have not been intentionally 
neglecting my blog
it's just instagram makes life
so easy
since i seem to always have my 
phone, it is so easy to get some of the 
best candid moments

i just figured out how to load my photos
from instagram to my computer
to make it easier to update my blog
because i know not everyone is on 
and really this blog is my family scrapbook
there are so many memories here...

so here are just a mix of fun snaps i have taken over the summer :)

we made the best pretzels ever
recipe (here)

 we dressed like twins :)

we went to a friend's wedding and practiced
akward family photos 

 i found my new favorite drinking glasses

we have done lots of al fresco dining

a relaxing moment

a favorite local author

girls going out

i grew a lemon cucumber

hippie chick at summer school

a garden shot

color + pattern = cutest school supplies ever!

i post on instagram everday
my link is at the top of the page

1 comment:

  1. Lucy is way to adorable! I hove how she is such a little fashionista! Looks like you are having a fantastic summer! I can't wait to try the recipe for pretzels.