Monday, September 30, 2013

Rainy Weekending ~

This weekend was 
more rain!

We did get to have Powell home for the weekend...which always makes me happy
when my whole family is together!

Saturday was my Mom's birthday so we headed out for a little girls day.
 We went to Ikea along with every other person in western WA :)
I picked up some french linen inspired towels for 79 cents :)
 tea lights because can you really ever have enough?

I made this REALLY delicious 
Pumpkin Bundt Cake from here
for my Mom and Stepdad's birthdays...
truly the moistest (is that a word?) cake I have ever had
I added a maple glaze which was delicious!

Sunday was a lazy rainy football game kind of day
Powell had to head back to school (a 5 hour drive)
I finished this book
which was great and need to follow up with the movie!

and I have started this one which I am already 
halfway it!

I made this soup which is a family favorite!
the recipe is here
(I dont usually add chicken, instead I put in sweet potatoes)
It really is delicious!

and here we are back at Monday!
Have a great week!



  1. Hi Dawn...thank you for linking in to Bowerbird Friends. So great to have you along! I can see from your recent purchases and reading that it is truly a case of like minds. Best wishes for a wonderful week.. Jeanne :)

  2. Your weekend looks delicious! Thanks to you, we now love that soup recipe too. I make it with the sweet potato as well, after you mentioned it. It is yummy! I did just finish J. Moyes Last Letter from your Lover. I think it is my favorite of her 3 books! Love the cover of The Lost Wife.

  3. Same weather here in Belgium, lovely blog.