Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Influenster #Mamavoxbox

 I was excited to be chosen to receive Influenter's MamaVoxBox!
It's a fun way to try out some new products that I might not have
otherwise given a second look

In my Box I received
Ponds BB Cream
DrShcholl's Insoles
BelVita Breakfast bar

Lucy is a BIG fan of Annie's Mac & Cheese :)
They have several flavors that she loves!
So, when we discovered Annie's was in the vox box we were 
excited.  Lucy loved this quick and easy way of making one of her favorite snacks.
We didn't have to make a whole box..this was just enough for an afterschool snack!

The other item I was excited to try was the 
Ponds BB Cream.
I have tried several different brands, and have not found one that I like.
They have either been too oily feeling or have broken my face out.
Two shades were in my box (light and medium)...and I found that by mixing the two 
it made my perfect shade.
I love this stuff!
It evened out my skin tone, felt like I had no makeup on
and left a luminous look to my skin.  It has not made me break
out, and is perfect for those light coverage days!

The Dr.Scholl's insoles ended up in my Converse kicks
and I really liked the extra cushion they gave!

The BelVita bar was good, a little dry and probably not something
I would purchase on my own.

So, thank you Influenster for letting me participate in the #mamavoxbox
I found a couple really great products that I would purchase!



  1. you are so smart to mix the 2 shades!

  2. Wow, you liked 3 out of the 4 items. How much fun to try them all!

  3. so cool! and LOVING your new blog header!! xo