Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2014

This girl is so fun!
She really had no idea what she wanted to be for Halloween, but
her friends knew for weeks.  So when I threw out the Duchess of Cambridge 
she LOVED the idea!
The best part is she didn't really care if anyone knew who she was...
she did and that was all that mattered!!

I am all about original and using what we have, so
I made her "fascinator" 
out of a paper plate, paper cup, paint, embellishments and lots of hot glue :)

I try to make a signature candy bag every year, and this year we took a hat
that Blake had bought as a souvenir on our trip to London several years ago, put 
a ribbon handle on it and voila!
"George's" blanket was my baby blanket from my baptism :)
her coat and dress were hand me downs from a friend.

This year our friends all came to our neighborhood to trick or treat
and it was so much fun!
I love this shot of the girls (from my phone :)
but the funny part is Lucy is the oldest of all these girls months!!!

 Morgan, Anna, Lucy, Camryn and Savannah

Earlier in the day at school ...
the kids are allowed to bring their costumes to school, and the last hour of the 
day put them on for their party and a small parade.
Lucy wanted to keep it easy, so she wore her yoga pants,  a boho shirt, threw on 
a sparkly headband and she became a hippie :)

The boys were good sports about carving pumpkins
Blake helped Lucy do hers

Her 3rd grade teacher loves owls
so she does too :)

and Bennett did one too!

Another fun Halloween!!


  1. What a great costume idea! Totally orginial! Coming up with a costume like that would have never crossed my mind. Love you fall header! Have a great week!

  2. Awww so precious! Lucy is a beautiful fashionista and love that the boys helped her with the pumpkins. We like to use as much from what we have too for making costumes. Usually holds up better too! And more unique.

  3. Wow, Lucy make a darling duchess. Love her make-up and that beautiful smile!!

  4. What a beautiful family, I know I am partial but how blessed am I that God gave me 2 beautiful children and 5 incredible grandchildren. Love you all.