Friday, January 18, 2013

Tonsils out...

So, Wednesday was the big day
Lucy got her tonsils and adenoids removed
I snapped this pic with my phone before we 
headed to the hospital!

Here she is, all smiles as usual as she waits...
what a little trooper!

Lucy asked the nurse if she could see her tonsils when they were out!
They all loved that she asked, and even put together a little "Dr kit" for her to take home. they are...not as big as we thought they would be :)

Home sweet home and still a little groggy from the anesthesia

This was my little "pre-tonsillectomy" gift 
she saw this devotion book at the bookstore
and really wanted one of her very own♥

~Day 2~
a rough morning :(
but, by the end of the day she asked if she could help make her 

She is healing well, and dealing with her sore throat
but she really HATES missing is her favorite!
We are just glad it is all over with!



  1. What a sweet and brave girl! Hope she is feeling lots better and back to school fast!

  2. i have been thinking about you, lucy joy!
    i hope you feel a little bit better every single day.
    keep taking sips of all your favorite drinks.

  3. you are a brave and beautiful girl, Miss Lucy! We loved your stylish outfit that you wore to the hospital. Liliah & I pray that you feel better very soon!!!

  4. Glad it is over. Sounds like she is healing well.

  5. I just know you are feeling even better by today.
    Stay strong little cute one!

  6. Oh I didn't know she was getting her tonsils out! I hope she is feeling much, much better! I remember after I had mine out, I hardly got a sore throat ever again!!! Take care and let us know how she's doing!!!

  7. Such a sweet and brave little girl! I love the devotion book you gave her, Dawn. Precious.

  8. Oh Dawn that is always the toughest to see our little ones go through something like that. So glad to hear she is doing better! ;)